10 Interviews and counting…

This is simply a quick update to say that after our whirlwind of conferences over the past two months, we have been quite pleased to meet some new faces and interview some pretty incredible designers and design thinkers in the field.

It’s been great to see people respond to the project and be willing to lend their time to us.

On a bit of an aside, I think Cameron and I have mastered our ability to carry around, set-up, actually use, and take-down equipment (including cameras, video stands, and yes, portable stools) in awkward and unusual spaces in conference centers, offices, hotel lobbies, and even in the powder room backstage at a conference center! We’ve become our own mobile interview unit and are happy that interviewees have been so willing to come along for the ride.

The interviews have generated a lot of great insights and perspectives. I won’t go ahead quite yet and share as we plan to profile each of our interviewees here on the blog so you can hear a snapshot of their thinking and practice as we move forward.

It’s been fun so far and we look forward to settling back into town and sitting down with some of our very own design thinkers from Canada! Stay tuned.

Design Conferences this Fall: Pivot, Design at Scale + Design Thinkers

We are gearing up for some design conferences this Fall that will be taking us around the USA + Canada in October and November. The lineup of speakers and attendees are looking quite impressive and we are excited to be attending largely as both learners and listeners.

Location: Phoenix, AZ
Dates: October 13-16
This three-day conference has an intriguing title, Pivot, that describes design at an inflection point and potential game-changer for managing complexity and advancing change in the world. This is an interesting theme as it speaks to the ways in which design (thinking) has been used as a force for promoting social change and innovation outside of the conventional bounds of design.

DMI Design At Scale
Location: New York, NY
Dates: October 25-26
Design at Scale offers up the challenge of asking designers and managers how design thinking and doing can scale within organizations. I think this is a really good question, particularly as design thinking has been moving across disciplines and being used as a force for driving innovation and collaboration on the scale of communities and systems.

Design Thinkers
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Dates: November 2-3
Design Thinkers is a conference hosted by RGD Ontario that is taking place in our very own backyard. Design Thinkers is RGD’s annual conference and has previously brought in the likes of thinkers like Tim Brown. We are interested in hearing the designers at this conference present, and hopefully getting more of a “homegrown” perspective on design.

We are interested in meeting folks from all walks of design and would love to meet up if you’re at any of these upcoming events. It’s going to be a busy but also what I suspect to be quite a fruitful Fall!